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  • What I Do

    I am a humanitarian serving at the intersection of collaborative philanthropy and marketing. I am dedicated to making the world a more peaceful, connected, and joyous place!


    I inspire everyday people to leap in passion areas - from inciting your employees to participate in CSR activities to encouraging young people to volunteer for the causes that make their hearts sing and coaching you through a career pivot.


    Simply put, I turn compassion into action.

  • How Can I Help?

    Customizable packages based on your needs

    Volunteer Cultivation

    Leave your most precious commodity in my hands

    I will mobilize your volunteer base to become world-class advocates thereby increasing the footprint of your impact.

    • Steward and provide personalized support to your members/ volunteers/ employees
    • Identify volunteer engagement opportunities within your organization
    • Energize passive supporters into active contributors 

    Program Development

    Expand capacity by strengthening programs

    I will manage the people who believe in your mission by applying my outsider's perspective and 10 years of experience.

    • Design, restructure, or implement system strategies 
    • Create resources, program guides, toolkits etc.
    • Be the first point of contact for individuals, at events, and conferences




    Personal Career Development

    Career Coaching

    I will strategize a career campaign moving you into a job that aligns with your passions.

    • Strategize career paths and pivots
    • Locate the right job openings
    • Resume and Cover Letter Review
    • Interview Practice
  • Career Highlights

    Favorite moments from my 10+ year trajectory

    High School Fundraisers

    Coaching young philanthropists gives me hope




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    Soap Operas 4 Social Good

    Corporate + Community program development at it's best






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    On the campaign trail

    The epiphany of first class grassroots community organizing






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  • BIO

    More about Ikiah

    She is a graduate of Howard University (the real HU) and the University of Southern California (Fight On!).


    The world's biggest brands, historic political campaigns, life changing charities and the yoga studio- Ikiah's experience in business and community oriented roles have uniquely shaped her professional competencies.


    As a native of Baltimore, Maryland by way of Phoenix, Arizona, Ikiah's bi-coastal upbringing contributes to her adventurous spirit!


    On a free Saturday, you'll find her trying a new exercise class, thrift shopping and plotting her next travel destination.

  • Business Administration | 2007| Marketing major

    Master of Social Work | 2014 | Social Work & Business in a Global Society